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It was hot, now its windy, then there was thunder *CRASH* ahh! *runs, hides*

So I spent my day at Skidmore College doing a variety of things. We listened to a phsychology professor give a lecture on "the self," and i think that the lecture combined with the student newspaper will make me come here. The dorms are coolio, the bar tender told me that, "yeah, i'll see you next year... Saratoga Springs doesn't card unless you're an asshole." hmm.. what else. Oh, HERE is the real reason i want to go here.. this was in the newspaper as somthing overheard in a dorm randomly: "Stupid pants! all opressing my genitals and shit" i mean cummon thats me.. i could so easily start my campeign to ban pants. So between that and the guy who put up a fence outside his dormroom window and sits there calling it his "yard," i think it'll be a good time. My Chesak essay for the week is the quote, "hell is other people," and i just had an idea, so i think i'm gonna go write it, i've got some down time.

I don't know if that was really what i was thinking when i said prove it, but it's a good start i guess. I'm feeling better... sometimes its good to escape from the world around, so you can see how insignificant alot of things are. still hurt, though.
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